1. Create Campaign

Create a campaign brief for your product.

2. Create Campaign

Create a campaign brief for your product.

3. Create Campaign

Create a campaign brief for your product.

4. Create Campaign

Create a campaign brief for your product.

5. Create Campaign

Create a campaign brief for your product.

A comprehensive influencer marketing platform

Influencer Community

Search for influencers in different categories across Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. Filter by influencer demographic.

Influencer Recruitment

Select influencers based on their reach and your campaign goal.

Campaign Management

Work with influencers yourself or have our team of experts help manage your campaign. Influencer communication and content approval all happen on the platform.

Influencer Created Content

Influencers create content according to your campaign guidelines. Review and approve all content before influencers post!

Optimized Content Amplification

Influencers can cross-promote each other’s content and/or we can amplify it through Bloglovin’s native audience.


Monitor and track real-time activity. Get reports by channel, influencer, readership demographic, etc. It’s never been easier to measure ROI.




Q. How do I use the App as a brand?

No. You'll only ever get charged when you purchase an Influencer's post. We don't hold any funds from your card and it costs you NOTHING to post a brief, reach our database of Influencers and browse their submitted posts. But to protect our Influencers, we ask you how many posts you intend to purchase before your campaign goes live (based on an average of $220 + GST per post

Q. How can I be sure I'm not paying to reach fake followers?

Based on our own research, we've designed a RATE CARD within the App. Although we recommend you start off low, and only raise it if you feel you can. It goes without saying; the higher your fee, the stronger your recognition, content and audience engagement should be.

Q. Is there a set-up or subscription fee?

Unless there are unique circumstances (i.e. item is yet to be released) brands won't send you product through TRIBE. Our platform is about authentic advocacy of products you already love or are willing to try. After all, if an influencer isn't prepared to buy a product, how can they recommend their tribe does?

Q. When does payment get charged to my credit card?

It's disappointing, but purchasing a product without getting paid to recommend it is no different than any other purchase made by you outside of TRIBE.

Q. Can I browse Influencers before I post a campaign?

Not at all. We work very closely with Talent Agencies to offer a work-flow solution so they can now manage all of their client's Influencer campaigns in the one location. Ask us how at

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